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Foundthini, 29 y/o, Missouri, Shelbina, United States
Status: "May you live your life like the festival of Diwali, happy healthy and wealthy. A Very Very Happy Diwali.."
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Bobshedd S Adult Sex Dating Profile Massachusetts
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Profile Info
I amwomen
Looking formen
Your real name
I love conversationI usually lose my keysIM a breakfast person but not a morning personI sing dance and act stuff out around the house A LOT (IM a professional performer not a crazy person)I have four fantastic fascinating children and obviously I love them A LOTI love hot yogaI love being outside especially near the ocean (Water in general) the mountains or ancient citiesI love how the water feels when you swim on a really hot dayI love to read aloud and books fiction and non fiction I love bookstores and librariesI love my work which is really more like play if youVe done the work and I love to see other peopleS workI love music I love to go hear music liveI love my home the sunlight through the windows and a fire in the fireplaceI believe in equal rights for all human beingsIM really into particle physics. Spontaneous. Soccer, patios, and Sunday FundayS make for a perfect weekend.
Desired RelationshipMarriage
My birthday
My match age
Common interests to shareYo-yoing, Chess, Singing,
Sales Executive
Spoken LanguagesDutch ,Spanish ,
EducationMasters Degree
Physical Features
Height5' 2" 157.48 cm
Body TypeStraight
Eye ColorGold
MusicVentura Ronnie
FilmsFried Dragon Fish
About myself
Floral patterns,

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